Games to Engage Seniors

We believe that it’s important to engage seniors and keep them active. Exercising different parts of the brain regularly is crucial, so that you dont lose the ability to use it.  Using games to engage seniors is a fun way to exercise the brain.

“If you don’t use it, you lose it” — This saying motivated Christel Goh, Singaporean to find different ways to engage her grandma both mentally and physically.  Most of us place a great emphasis on the development of our children.

But, it’s equally important to play games to engage our seniors, help simulate their brains, and keep them active. It is crucial for seniors to continue to exercise different parts of their brain and their body.

Research shows that brain training exercises help to prevent the progression of dementia. Thus, Christel dedicates her time to creating games to engage seniors cognitively.

She hopes to provide people with a tool to better engage seniors in their communities or homes. These brain training games help to improve coordination and exercise different parts of the brain.

Fun to use games to engage seniors

It is fun to use games to engage seniors. It promotes social interaction which is what many of our seniors need.

She started off with Hua Hee Match, a card game of beautifully sketched designs of local food and heritage items. Hua Hee means happy in the Chinese dialect, Hokkien. It hopes to bring happiness to the young and “young at heart”.

Play Huahee has expanded to create more games. We currently offer games that can be played in various ways. For example, they can be played as a memory matching, snap, charades, pictonary, sketching, colouring and puzzles game.

Most of the games feature local food and heritage items in Singapore.

By featuring everyday items that would be familiar to most seniors, we hope to trigger positive memories. This will also help to create a connection between seniors and their caregivers.

Play Huahee’s games are currently used at various organisations such as the Alzheimers’ Disease Association, National University Hospital, Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital and many more.

Do you know of an activity that works well at engaging seniors? Let us know! We are constantly looking for ways to create new games.

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