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5 Things to do When the Pandemic Ends

Most of us have been stuck in our homes since April, so of course it’s understandable that many want to get out as soon as possible and start doing the things we loved. Things like hanging out with friends, or getting a drink at a bar, or something as simple as visiting relatives. Life may not ever return to what it was before the pandemic, but you can do these things when it finally ends.

But why stop there? When you can finally go out and enjoy yourselves once again, you may never feel more alive. There are many new things you can try out when the pandemic is over.

Here is a list of things you can do. 

1. Go for a nature hike 

Going for a hike in one of Singapore’s many national parks can be a breath of fresh air. Literally, given how these walks typically take you deep into Singapore’s lush rainforest. This can be a welcome change in scenery from the concrete jungle you’re used to seeing, and wide open spaces will also be a relief after staying in your home for months. 

Not only that, but it’s also a great form of exercise. After all, you might want to stay clear from gyms for a long while, given how the virus can spread much more easily in those. Remember to always prepare appropriately before going on a walk. 

We’ve written some of the best hiking trails for seniors in Singapore, and the best affordable backpacks you can take with you on your hike. 

2. Visit hidden gems 

Credit: Manu

There are many hidden gems in Singapore that not many know of. They’re all for you to discover. Take a trip around Singapore to discover these spots you never knew existed, and maybe have a drink at one of these places. 

Have a cup of coffee and watch airplanes take off and land in Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafè, right next to Seletar Airport. It seems a variety of beverages and desserts, such as its ever-popular katsu don and cheesy chicken burger. 

You can also visit Bollywood Veggies, a traditional farm in Kranji that grows and sells all kinds of fruits and vegetables that you can take home, or eat meals that are truly farm-to-table at its Poison Berry bistro.

Check out this article for more gems. 

3. Have a staycation 

The pandemic has dashed the hopes of many holidayers hoping to travel abroad and see the sights of some faraway country. Not to worry, however, you can still make up for it by making the best of your holiday and having a staycation right here on home soil instead. 

Have a stay at The Warehouse Hotel, a warehouse (of course) built in 1895 that has been transformed into a stunning boutique hotel overlooking the Singapore River. Being so close to Clarke Quay means that dinner and shopping is within walking distance. 

Hotel Soloha is another unique boutique hotel, located right in the heart of Singapore. Formerly a shophouse in Chinatown, it too has since been transformed into a cozy and chic hotel you can stay in to feel much closer to home. Being located in Chinatown also means that going out for a meal is also an option.

Here’s a list of some of the best hotels for a staycation in Singapore. Mothership also has an article on some great staycation deals and packages that you can get, especially in Sentosa.

4. Go to the beach

Why not spend some time at one of Singapore’s sunny beaches? Spend the evening soaking up the setting rays of sun at the beach building sandcastles or having a swim in the sea, all while enjoying the breeze. From the homely beaches of the mainland to the touristy and atas beaches of Sentosa, they’re perfect to get some air and spend time with friends and family. 

There are many activities to be done at Singapore’s eight beaches, such as cycling at Changi Beach, having a barbecue at East Coast Park, or camping at Pasir Ris, they’re all available for you. 

5. Eat out at restaurants around Singapore

Perhaps you’ve been eating nothing but home-cooked food or delivery, and just want to go out and eat again. While you’re able to now that Singapore is gradually opening up, you may still feel uncomfortable with eating out, and there are still many restrictions in place.

When Singapore has fully reopened, you may feel much more comfortable, and start going back to your favourite restaurants and cafes to dine in. There are many different restaurants in Singapore for you to try out and be a little more adventurous, serving all sorts of food from different cultures and cuisines. 

A list of some of the best restaurants can be found here. Take a look at some excellent dining deals on The Dining Advisor!

Also check out this article written by The Straits Times for some more fun activities you can do after the pandemic!

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