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9 Kitchen Aids For Senior Independence

If you’ve got arthritis, carpal tunnel, or Parkinson’s, working in the kitchen may be difficult, if not outright dangerous due to all the sharp utensils there. 

Here are some affordable aids you can use to prevent any injuries, and allow you greater independence. 

1. Cut Resistant Gloves

When holding a knife, you’re especially prone to cutting yourself if you have arthritis as the disease makes handling things difficult. With these gloves, that becomes much less of a risk. Made from extremely durable cut-resistant materials 4 times stronger than leather, these gloves make cutting things less dangerous. 

They are lightweight and comfortable, and great for handling just about any sharp object, from kitchen knives to saws. They are 100% food safe and machine washable, allowing you to easily clean them.

Purchase it here: NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

2. Jar Opener For Weak Hands

This simple gadget allows you to open jars and bottles effortlessly, among many other things. Simply attach it to a surface with its attached peel and stick adhesives as well as screws.

It can open just about any jar, and its small size also allows it to be stored easily. It won’t take up any valuable storage space. 

Purchase it here: Serenily Jar Opener for Weak Hands

3. Chef’n Palm Vegetable Peeler

Easily peel fruits and vegetables with this gadget. Simply slip it onto your finger, and it’ll fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. It can peel vegetables in seconds. Its integrated blade guard keeps fingers safe and its stainless steel swivel-blade sharper longer. 

It also features a built-in stainless steel potato eye remover to quickly remove sprouts without changing your grip. Its slim shape also allows it to easily fit into a drawer, and is dishwasher-safe. 

Purchase it here: Chef’n PalmPeeler Vegetable Peeler

4. Mueller Austria Onion Chopper

You won’t have to waste time dicing vegetables with this. With one swift motion you can dice an onion in seconds with its blade grid. It is also designed to prevent tears while cutting onions, immediately putting the diced onion into a container. 

It also works with fruits, other vegetables, cheese, and other foods. 

Purchase it here: Mueller Austria Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper

5. Oven Rack Guards

Made from the same material that protects firefighters and race car drivers, these rack guards make it so that you won’t have to worry about getting burned. Simply place them over a rack. They fit any standard rack and can be easily removed for washing.

Purchase it here: Oven Rack Guards – Cool Touch

6. Reacher Grabber Tool

Have back pains when you bend down? This tool allows you to easy retrieve objects without having to bend at all. It can easily pick up even small objects with its pincer with a pull of the trigger. Its textured rubber grips allow a sturdy hold. 

It is made from lightweight aluminium, and can fold for storage or outdoor carrying.

Purchase it here: Reacher Grabber Tool

7. Lynk Professional Pull-Out Under Cabinet

Easily access all the items in your kitchen, pantry, bathroom, and laundry room cabinet with this gadget. It can fit in most cabinets, and is ideal for all cabinets, under sink storage and as a rack for pots and pans.

Its stainless steel construction make it highly durable and easily washable, and its industrial-grade ball bearing system ensures smooth sliding every time. 

Purchase it here: Lynk Professional Organizer Pull Out Under Cabinet Sliding Shelf

8. Boilover Safeguard

Never have to worry about water boiling over again. This safeguard prevents boil-overs, made from heat-resistant silicone, and can fit most pot openings. It is also microwave and dishwasher safe.

Purchase it here: Boil Over Safeguard

9. Kitchen Shears With Softgrip Handles

These shears make it easy to cut through vegetables and meats with its sharp stainless steel blades. It comes with a protective, plastic blade guard that is shaped for comfort and has a soft-grip coating for stability. 

Each blade features micro-serrations for enhanced cutting performance and are extra thick for added strength and durability. They are also dishwasher-safe, but hand washing is recommended. 

Purchase it here: KitchenAid Classic Kitchen Shears with Soft Grip Handle

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  1. Hey Christel,

    I like your website, playhuahee. Nice layout and big pictures.

    Very well selected items for the elderly. Though may be from Amazon, but I believe that short videos showing the features and benefits would be better than just only static pictures. Amazon does have videos for some of their products. May be you can grab them and put it together with the item.

    I like the simplicity and “spaciousness” of the layout unlike some other sites that have just too many stuff and look too cluttered.

    Just want to tell you well done.

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