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Suffering From Arthritis? These 9 Products Can Better Aid Your Everyday Life

Many seniors in Singapore are affected by arthritis. It is a disease that affects the joints, causing pains and stiffness and making it near-impossible to perform everyday tasks without feeling pain. 

These limitations can prove to be incredibly frustrating to seniors over the age of 65, although it can also affect younger adults, teenagers, and even children. 

Here are some affordable products that can make your life so much easier. 

1. Wide grip utensil set

These utensils come with wide, none-weighted handles designed for maximum safety and comfort. The handles are designed to fit comfortably in the hand with a wide non slip grip and large handle, great for extra stability and easy comfort for those with weak grip strength or wrist shake.

They are also adaptive, and are suitable for those who want independence during mealtimes. The utensils themselves are made from high-quality stainless steel. 

Purchase it here: Adaptive Utensils 4-Piece Kitchen Set 

2. Heat Therapy Glove

Made of cotton, this electric glove can help soothe the ill-effects of arthritis, such as pain, stiffness and inflammation. Its penetrating moist-heat therapy can penetrate deep into sore muscles and pain areas to soothe sore, aching tendons, muscles and joints to effectively relieve arthritis pain by reducing stress on pressure points in the fingers, hands and wrists. 

The glove warms in seconds, but can also quickly be brought back down to room temperature for maximum safety, unlike most other electric options..

Purchase it here: MyCare Heat Therapy Glove

3. Key holder

This key holder can make upon doors much easier as they prevent keys from slipping out of your hand. The lever also gives additional leverage and helps to reduce the effort needed to unlock a door or lock. 

Purchase it here: SP Ableware Hole In One Key Holder

4. Automatic jar opener

Opening jars tends to be hard for everyone. The lids are screwed on tight, and it takes a significant amount of effort to open the more stubborn ones. This device makes it so that you won’t have to, automatically opening jars for you with the push of a button. 

It is perfect for individuals with arthritis or hand pain, requires no manual labor, and is extremely energy efficient, only requiring two AA batteries to function. 

Purchase it here: Zomma Automatic Jar Opener

5. Foam utensil holders

These foam tubes can fit just about any utensil, from forks and spoons to toothbrushes to hair brushes. They provide a comfortable grip that is also designed to be non-slip. The foam also does not absorb odors from hands or food and is easily washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

Each tube can also be easily cut with scissors to a length you want to fit. It comes in a package of 9 tubes. 

Purchase it here: Vive Foam Tubing

6. Silicone doorknob grips

Featuring a ribbed texture that is easy to hold, these grips make it easy for seniors with arthritis to grip, and makes opening doors easier. Being made from silicone, they are flexible and can fit around just about any knob. 

They allow doors to be opened with minimal effort, and can even be opened using just a finger. They come in packs of 3 in multiple colours. 

Purchase it here: HOME-X Silicone Doorknob Bumper Grips

7. Pen for arthritis 

Designed for people with arthritis, joint pain, or restricted mobility, this pen is much wider than regular ones, and as such is much easier to hold, and is non-slip with its rubber grip. Its detachable lanyard allows it to be close at hand at any time. 

The pen comes with black ink, although it can be swapped for any Parker style ink refill. It comes with five extra ink cartridges. 

Purchase it here: Super Big Fat Pens for Arthritis

8. Sock aid

Easy put on socks with this tool. You won’t have to keep bending down to put on your socks, and can just slip them on while comfortably sitting down. It is perfect for those with back pain, or feel strain when bending down. 

Each handle is built up with a 3 cm foam padding for a secure and comfortable grip, and its slip-resistant cuff makes it so that the sock will not slide off the grip. 

Purchase it here: Vive Sock Aid

9. Ergonomic memory pillow

This pillow is a perfect support with people with back and neck pain. It is specially designed for sleeping with its contour to comfortably support your neck and head. It is made from high-quality materials and memory foam that makes it optimal for sleeping, or just relaxing. 

With the zipper design of detachable machine washable, it not only can provide you dust-proof protection but also extend the life of your memory foam core more effectively. It is also free of any harmful chemicals.

Purchase it here: HOKEKI Pillow Ergonomic Cervical Sleeping Pillow

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