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A Complete Guide for Seniors During Covid-19

A Complete Guide for Seniors During Covid-19

This is a tough period for everyone especially for seniors. Senior activity centres are no longer operating. The government in Singapore has also recently encouraged people not to visit their elderly parents/grandparents so as to prevent the spread of the virus.

Seniors are known to be more susceptible to the virus and it becomes more serious if they have pre-existing health conditions.

If you’re a senior looking for activities or are looking for activities for a senior, here’s a guide to some resources in Singapore:

1. SilverGood Facebook Group

The kind people behind SilverGood have started a daily video streaming of activities ranging from arts and craft to phsyical exercises and cooking demonstrations that seniors can try out. They started this because many senior centric activities have been cancelled.

Whether you’re a senior or not, it’s fun to try out some of these activities. They have a very active schedule and a participative group of members.

Check them out here

2. Get Fit with Me – Overcome Covid-19

MediaCorp Toggle has come up with a series of exercise videos where they feature sports experts and celebrities. These are great for seniors who have limited mobility as they are all seated exercises.

There are currently 10 episodes and the videos can all be viewed on the MediaCorp Toggle website.

Check them out here

3. Activity Video Series

A collaboration between different government agencies has produced a series of activities tutorial for seniors. These activities range from cooking, singing and exercises.

However, they are all conducted in Chinese. This may be a limitation for seniors who are not exactly familiar with Chinese.

Check them out here

It is very important for seniors to keep moving and continue to be active during this period. Your physical health has an impact on your emotional health as well.

We previously created a blog post of 17 Activity Ideas for Seniors that you can check out.

If you’re a senior who feels that you need emotional help, you can reach these hotlines:

  • The Seniors Helpline (by Sage Counselling Centre): 1800-555-5555 
  • Counselling for Older Persons (by O’Joy Care Services): 6749-0190 
  • Hua Mei Counselling and Coaching (by Tsao Foundation): 6593-9549

What happens if seniors feel unwell during this period?

They can visit any of the Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPC) or polyclinics if they have respiratory illnesses (e.g. common cold), and only need to pay a flat subsidised rate of $10 for consultation and treatment.

This applies to Singapore citizens and permanent residents of all ages.

Pioneer Generation and Merdeka Generation seniors will pay just $5.

We create localised games and activities for seniors. It’s time to engage them socially. Buy our games here.

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