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Absorba Nateen Maxi Plus Diaper Review

Absorba Nateen Maxi Plus Diaper Review

Ratings: 4/5

The Absorba Nateen Maxi Plus diaper is good value for money.

As compared to other brands, there isn’t that much itchiness and rashes.

This could be because the product seems to have Aloe Vera gel which is good for the skin.

The Absorba Nateen Maxi Plus diaper is also able to absorb higher quantity of liquids. One diaper can last 5 hours through the night without changing.

The only downside is that the product is only available at specialised elderly care shops and you can’t get it at major supermarkets or pharmacies where we live.

This review is based on my grandma’s experience with the diapers.

My mum tried out many diapers before deciding to commit on Absorba Nateen Maxi Plus as the main diaper brand for my grandma.

Diapers for seniors – my grandma’s experience

My grandma currently wears diapers throughout the day.

She started wearing them because she struggled to go to the toilet in the middle of the night.

There were a few nights where she tried to go to the toilet but couldn’t control her urine, and so she slipped and fell on her own pee.

At first, she was wearing them at night. Eventually, she transited to wearing them throughout the day.

She didnt want to wear diapers at first and who can blame her for resisting? The act of wearing adult diapers may not mean much to many of us.

But, it means losing a great part of independence for seniors. It means that they cannot carry out bodily functions as effectively as they once could and need to rely on something like diapers.

But, it was necessary at that point for her.

It’s important for caregivers to understand why seniors resist certain things and a simple item or act could have much greater signifcance to them than we can imagine.

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