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Juggling Family Life While Achieving Her Dream

“When we get older, I think that we’re able to manage it a lot better than our parents’ or even grandparents’ generation. I think a lot of people in their fifties or sixties still look very good and contribute a lot to society. 

I fear that one day I will not be able to take care of myself and would need help in everything, in every aspect.  

You hear a lot of stories about people who suffer from strokes and just lie there in a comatose state, but their minds are still active. I think that would be my biggest fear as my quality of life would be affected.

I’m really proud that I’ve managed to finish up my PhD and that I am working in a profession that hopefully will help others and have a bigger impact on society. In terms of my personal life, I’m proud of my family, my husband, and my children. I’m happy that I have a good life. 

At one stage I was studying, working and taking care of my children all at the same time, and that was very stressful for me. Having to juggle everything and trying to achieve my dream and goal of getting my PhD was a big personal achievement. Taking care of my child with special needs and being happy is also an achievement. 

I wish I had more children, but I also wish that I could have planned my life better, maybe in terms of future plans for my children and for myself. 

I think I live too much for the moment when I was younger and I now wish I had been better in structuring my future.

My children and my family are very important to me and they bring me a lot of joy. I also find joy in just appreciating life and counting the many blessings that I have had. 

I think in many ways I’m a lot more blessed than many people. I’ve been very happy and grateful about living the life that many people would love to have. 

I think as you get older, you realise that material wealth is not as important anymore. Climbing the corporate ladder isn’t as important anymore. 

There are many tangible things that you can work on and be happy about, which is more important than material possessions.

I feel that many people don’t count their blessings. It’s really important that you take a step back and realise how blessed we are that we have a really good government and a really good country that’s safe. 

A lot of young people take these things for granted,” said Eunice Tan, 54, Special Education lecturer at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS).

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