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How Your Passion Keeps You Healthy

“Ageing is about accumulating experiences. We learn as we grow older in our careers and the various things we do.

I don’t want to fall sick and become totally dependent on a caregiver. I watched my own grandmother become totally bedridden when she had a stroke. 

Another big fear I have is a total loss of mobility, or loneliness and boredom that I see in many seniors nowadays. 

Everything is so uncertain now, but one thing I know for sure is that I will have to continue learning new things to improve the area of my passion. My passion is in creative writing, creative visual arts, and right now also being digitally savvy. 

Even though I’m not that old yet, digital trends are moving so fast. I want to keep up with the technology and social media. I want to keep on learning, and see how I can impact the youth using my skills and experiences. 

I will also still maintain a physical, healthy lifestyle, which is very important.

I want to build a community where we can share common interests and still continue to serve. If my finances allow me, I want to keep doing mission trips as well.

I have three very close friends who know me well. They all have their own families. It’s a matter of making the effort to keep in contact with one another. 

When their children grow up, we may have even more time to go out for tea, exercise, or even travel together.

I think it’s important to develop a personal passion that will actually keep you healthy and active. Keeping oneself occupied through passion helps. We should not just focus on work.

Having an overall stable mental and emotional wellness as we age is very crucial. Constantly look for opportunities to see who we can help and how we can contribute to the community.

Learn to let go. Letting go will help you feel lighter and happier. Having a community is very important. Don’t isolate yourself because loneliness can be very scary,” said Alena Chow, 47, Founder, Touch Art Peace. She conducts art workshops.

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