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Advice From a Funeral Director

“I think ageing is inevitable. The moment we are born, we are inching towards death. For me, I see ageing as a very beautiful thing. It can be very soothing, beautiful, and very enriching as well, if you live your life right. 

Age to me is just a number. Most people say that I don’t look my age compared to my peers, although I’m 48. 

I think it’s most important to have a positive attitude. 

You have to cultivate a habit of being positive before it becomes too late. Every day passes so quickly. Sometimes just in the blink of an eye, we may be gone just like that. 

I don’t fear growing old. I fear the regret that may come with age if I don’t achieve my goals during this lifetime. Everyone wishes to be immortal and that time would stand still when you’re in your prime.

When I age, I want to be healthy. I don’t want to age with pains and aches all the time. I don’t want to waste precious time at the doctor’s clinic.

By ageing healthily, then you’ll be able to age wealthily. Not just in a monetary sense, but wealthily in the sense of spiritual wealth. I believe that if you’re happy on the inside, you will be happy on the outside. 

In the future, I see myself as old, but active. 

Exercise regularly. Eat well, sleep well, and make sure that you always wear a smile on your face. This will probably keep all the nonsense and diseases away as we age. 

But, our human bodies will still eventually break down one day.

To me, there’s nothing to fear if you’re well prepared. There’s a saying that we only  live once. This really is not true. We live life everyday, and we only die once. 

So, make full use of the time we have right now and the health we have in this world,” said Macimilian Lam, 48, District Service Director for Nirvana Memorial Garden.

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