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Always Have Someone to Rely on During Hard Times

“I don’t want to live in pain. I want myself to be active, to be able to walk around and do things that I like to do. 

For example, I like to travel, go shopping, and meet with friends. I wouldn’t want to be in a situation where I need assistance to do all these things. I want to be able to be both financially and physically independent.

I want to age gracefully because I wouldn’t want myself to have illness or be bedridden. 

I saw my parents in pain in their older years, and I wouldn’t want myself to be in a similar situation.

I have a few fears about aging. One of the things I fear is that I may not be able to be healthy. 

Another fear is being alone. So, I have many close friends. This is so that in the event that  I need help, I will have a support network that I can rely on. 

Emotional support is important for healthy ageing as well.

I want to still have the ability to make choices for myself as I age. Growing old with friends or companions is also another thing I want to do. ‘

I want someone to be there for me during times of sadness and happiness.,” said Tricia Tee, 48, Singapore’s only Seifu Therapist.

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