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From a Community Volunteer for the Needy

“If I could turn back time, I would complete my graduate studies. I only have two O-Level certificates now. 

I come from a poor family background, and I decided to start working when I was 17 years-old to support my family. 

My family is one of the biggest sources of my motivation. 

My greatest achievement is that I’m still healthy and am able to contribute to society by volunteering. I’ve been an active volunteer since I was young. I’ve helped out at disabled homes in Bishan, and contributed to fundraising at Buddhist temples. 

During the pandemic, I have been helping to distribute masks and hand sanitisers to the needy.

I am quite an active volunteer, and my work involves building a community of women . This way, I can fulfill my passion and my dream while making a living. 

Seeing the smiles of those I’ve helped drives me to continue my work.  Whenever I successfully accomplish an event, it also makes me happy. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a big milestone or just a small success. 

I find that we can actually age gracefully not just physically, but also mentally. Of course, we have to be well prepared too. 

As women age, we may be affected by menopause, memory loss, or lose the ability to do certain work tasks. I think mental health and exercise can help lower this risk.

For me, I think my greatest fear about ageing would be the decline in working income. 

I’m hoping that the younger generation will understand that the gap between generations is going to widen. 

I think it’s good that more people are coming out to support and contribute whatever they can towards supporting the older generation.

Otherwise, if every household only relies on their children, it would come to a point where one child has to support both of their parents, and this would be quite taxing on some people. 

Not everyone has good income or job stability, especially right now.

I hope to age gracefully and as much as possible not to become a burden on my children. 

Hence, we ourselves must stay mentally and physically strong and positive. 

Joining group activities with friends and continuously learning will help us to maintain an active lifestyle.

Not all are blessed with a positive family background, good health and a strong support system. I sincerely hope those that could afford in any way, to stand up to contribute and do their part.” said Jenny Lee, 47, founder and CEO of The Ladies Cue.

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