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Why Forming Relationships is Important

“My thoughts about ageing is that it’s a natural process, and to me, no matter how old I am, I will still continue to work, perhaps on a scaled-down basis.”

Dying is probably my biggest fear about ageing. I know that it’s a natural thing. It’s just a matter of time and how you actually die. 

I think I should age actively by managing my diet, start exercising and participating in social activities. This is so that I do not think about the end of my journey, which is dying. I think, that’s how I am going to overcome my fear. 

I am born into a fisherman family of thirteen siblings in a small town called Batu Pahat in Johore, Malaysia. I came to Singapore in the year 2000 after working in Malaysia for around three years as an auditor while studying ACCA on a part time basis. 

When I came to Singapore, I continued to work as an auditor in mid-tier audit firm (Kreston Singapore) and Big 4 audit firm (KPMG) till year 2009 before started my own audit firm shortly thereafter till I divested it in year 2013, when I decided to explore in other business ventures with six other partners where we acquired three professional firms.  Right now, four partners who are managing the professional firms.

I’m proud of my journey whether sweet or bitter since I was born but I am most proud of my family. As I have thirteen siblings, we have over two hundred family members scattered all over Malaysia, Singapore and in a small village in Huian, Quanzhou, China.

Another thing I’m definitely proud of is getting married with my supportive, intelligent and beautiful wife, Deon Yee and having two lovely children, Yu Herng and Yu Xuan who are currently in secondary 3 and 1 respectively.

Come to think of it, after going through so much, one of the greatest obstacles I’ve managed to overcome is getting financing for the acquisition of the three professional firms. Lucky for me, I managed to get funding from many sources, and also with the help from my wife and siblings.

I don’t think I would do anything differently if I could turn back time. I think I would still do everything the same. However, there is one thing I will do differently, and that would be to spend more time with my family, get to know more people and foster more relationships with people from various disciplines. 

In the past, I was too focused on work. I did not have much time with my family, socializing with friends and colleagues

I’d like to share some advice: 

Start socialising as soon as possible because this will help build relationships between friends, family, acquaintances, networks, or even business partners, whether in Singapore or globally. 

If you do, these people will eventually be able to help you in your business, or even in your life

What motivates me now is being able to talk to people, listen to what they are saying or sharing and also sharing my ideas with them. It motivates me when people share their dreams with me where I can elaborate their dreams to become reality.  

Life is not just about work. It’s about forming friendships with people that you meet every seconds of your life,” said Ki Lian Heng, 45, Advisory Partner of Russell Bedford Singapore.

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