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He Couldn’t Find a Job, So He Made His Own

“At the age of 48, I quit my job.

I sent many resumes to get another but there was no response. 

So, I decided to create my own. 

Every day I contacted advertisers in the newspaper classified ads page about my service. My service was to submit their ads to online classified ads portals. I also pitched them on my website design service. 

99% of the people rejected my offer. It was like kissing many frogs to find the princess of the day. 

I kept reaching out to them until finally I got a ‘Yes’.

I enjoy my new job much more than my old one. What I really enjoy is that I’m able to do what I love on my own terms. I wake up without an alarm clock. I get to sleep as much as I need. I don’t have a boss to tell me what I can or cannot do. 

I enjoy the freedom and independent laptop lifestyle of working anytime, anywhere.

The only regret I have is that I did not have the luxury of having a mentor to guide me when I first started my internet journey. I learned the hard and slow way. So my progress was extremely slow. 

But I am catching up now. I live life to the fullest like there is no tomorrow. 

In this era, seniors should master internet technology and learn how to communicate with people online, along with learning how to sell. They can share their life-experience and knowledge with the world. This will keep them relevant in a rapidly changing world. 

Of course, I do wish that I didn’t have to work to make a living. Given the high cost of living today, I don’t think that I can ever retire.

As the man of the house, I consider my primary role as the sole breadwinner. 

Living in the world’s most expensive country, my proudest achievement is to be able to create my own job, to provide for the family and loved ones, and to live without debts,” said Sam Choo, 60, Founder of Singapore Internet Marketers.

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