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Three Valuable Skills to Learn and Master

“I don’t think you need to fear ageing. Instead, you need to live and do what you expect to do, and what you’re good at.

I believe that as you grow older, you grow wiser. You think of your family first. 

Your family’s needs will always come before your own. 

I have two daughters in school. Whenever I’m not travelling or working, I spend time with them.

Ageing, to me, is more about learning. I’m very fond of learning, and sharing what I’ve learnt with my peers. 

I take courses, both online and offline, to make sure that I always have new skills I can use. 

Three skills that I value the most would be public speaking, sales and persuasion. These are very important in my line of work.

I was President of Radin Mas Toastmasters. I believe that public speaking skills are essential in interacting with the public and presenting yourself.  It will definitely help you to excel in your career.

Selling has always been my passion and is now my lifeline. It is extremely challenging but also rewarding. Sales allows me to meet people from all walks of life.

My greatest achievement would be working overseas in Myanmar as a general manager for the media and publishing industry. 

Last year, I came back to Singapore  to share my knowledge with other professionals  so that they understand overseas markets and will be more prepared for the future.

Being able to share and teach motivates me. Every time I go for a new course, it is an opportunity for me to share my knowledge with the next generation. I learn from this process as well.

One regret I have is missing out on my Master of Business Administration (MBA) as I was too focused on work. 

At that time, I was responsible for regional sales. I travelled extensively and worked hard to climb the corporate ladder. I also started a family. I did not have much time for studying.

I believe that an MBA will help me broaden my horizons,  build a global network and improve my leadership skills.

Last week, I received another opportunity to take up an MBA but things have changed because of the pandemic. I would likely have to postpone my studies again. 

I would encourage people who are younger to complete their studies if they have the resources to do so.  If you complete your studies at a younger age, you’ll have less to worry about when you get older, and you can spend time on things you like to do. You can use the time to follow your passions .

As you age, you should remain active. Go for walks and exercise, keep yourself fit,” said Paul Lim, 53, Marketing Director for ERA Singapore. Paul had been based in Myanmar as General Manager for the media & publication industry. He was also Visiting Faculty for two business schools lecturing MBA programs.

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