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The pandemic shows that technology leaves (some) seniors behind

In  these times,  there are constant updates to government announcements, support measures and regulations as to how we should be dealing with this pandemic. As young people, we sometimes take for granted our grasp of technology. We get immediate notifications to the ongoing pandemic through WhatsApp and breaking news via social media platforms. What we …

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5 local recipes to bond over with your loved ones

People bond over food. That’s a fact. We as Singaporeans love our food, and are proud of our heritage.  One of the ways to get over cabin fever is to prepare food. It can also be a fun activity to engage your loved ones during this time indoors. These recipes are likely those seniors are …

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Dangers of falling to seniors

As touched on in my previous post, as you grow older, your body may get weaker. Your mobility may decline as you get older, thus making you more prone to falling.  Yes, falling, in the most literal sense of the word. As in, tripping and falling and hitting the ground. While this may seem harmless, …