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Unsung heroes: How professional caregivers are adapting to the pandemic

In a previous article, we interviewed three caregivers to know more about the challenges they faced during the pandemic. Their responses shed plenty of light on the lesser-seen side of caregiving during such a crisis. 

Recently, Play Huahee had the opportunity to interview a Homage Home Care Pro for her thoughts during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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How are caregivers coping with the Circuit Breaker?

The Circuit Breaker imposed by the Singapore government has impacted our lives. For most of us, it brings along some inconveniences such as not being able to eat out, cut our hair, or of course, not being able to drink our beloved bubble tea. Most of us are also working from home after the closure …

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Home care options for the elderly

In our last post, we covered what you should do to decide whether you should choose the nursing home option for your elderly parents. Not everyone has enough time to care for their elderly parents at home. It is often hard to juggle a stressful working life and parent support.  So what should you do …

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What happens if your parents go missing?

What happens if your parents go missing?

From time to time, you would see people sharing on social media about their parents or grandparents who go missing. They may have left the house on their own, and can’t seem to find their way home. This seems to be a common occurance for seniors with dementia. How do you deal with this situation? …

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Qn: Should I send my parent to a nursing home? How do I deal with the guilt?

Should I send my parent to a nursing home?

Anyone here made the difficult decision to place your beloved parent into a home instead of caring full time for him/her? How do you deal with the guilt? Is it better for them in the long run too? My mother tends to be verbally aggressive. She is resistant to help at all times. We have …

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Qn: My parent is excessively buying things. What should I do?

My parent with dementia is excessively buying things

My father-in-law has a habit of buying things. He buys big ticket items. When hes alone, he would go out and wander outside. He loves to go to shops and linger. Every time we would tell him about his problem, he would insist loudly that he is okay. He is suspicious of us and insists …