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Sundowning: What is it?

What is sundowning? Sundowning, also known as Sundowner’s Syndrome, refers to a state of confusion, anxiety, and agitation commonly experienced by people with dementia, starting during late afternoon and spamming later into the night. This is during the later parts of the day, when the sun is setting, hence the name.  Is it dangerous? Sundowning …

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How are caregivers coping with the Circuit Breaker?

The Circuit Breaker imposed by the Singapore government has impacted our lives. For most of us, it brings along some inconveniences such as not being able to eat out, cut our hair, or of course, not being able to drink our beloved bubble tea. Most of us are also working from home after the closure …

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Alternative Health Remedies To Fight Dementia

Alternative Remedies For Dementia

Dementia is a dreadful disease. There are few FDA-approved medications; their results are varied and limited. For more options, consider alternative therapies (i.e. treatments that do not require medications). In this article, let us explore some alternative remedies to improve the functioning and quality of life for those with dementia. Music Therapy Music stimulates unconscious …

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What does Dementia look like?

Most people dont know what dementia is like. Some call people who are diagnosed with dementia “senile”. My grandma used to say “aiya. my brain not so good anymore” and we would tell her not to say such things. But, we can’t deny that there are changes in her. Some days are better. Some days …

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Qn: My parent is excessively buying things. What should I do?

My parent with dementia is excessively buying things

My father-in-law has a habit of buying things. He buys big ticket items. When hes alone, he would go out and wander outside. He loves to go to shops and linger. Every time we would tell him about his problem, he would insist loudly that he is okay. He is suspicious of us and insists …

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An Advice From A Family Caregiver

The following answers are from a family caregiver, Cinthia Lim, to questions posed in our Facebook group, Fighting Dementia With Hua Hee. Question: Why Is My Loved One With Dementia Behaving Like This? Answer: I think she’s just going through a lot of transitions in her own mind there are a lot of losses (memory, …

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How Do You Facilitate Activities For Seniors With Dementia?

These are different variations that you can use below. Most importantly, do make conversations with seniors while carrying out the activity. Questions can include whether objects are familiar to them, or how they feel about the activity. Keep this in mind: The aim of the activity is not to strive for perfection, but to create …