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17 Activity Ideas For Seniors

Study shows that happier seniors tend to show a decline in activities of daily living over time. Here are 17 activities to engage seniors

Are you looking for activity ideas to engage seniors in Singapore? You may be looking to engage someone at home, or maybe, you’re planning a visit to a nursing home or senior activity centre. Fret Not! Here’s some activity ideas for you. When we think of caregiving, it is often about ensuring that our loved …

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New Breakthrough in Dementia Findings

According  to Alzheimer’s Association, there has been new research findings on dementia intervention. The findings show that aggressive treatment of high blood pressure results in fewer cases of cognitive decline. In the Sprint for Discovery: New Dementia and Cardiovascular Findings, 9,361 hypertensive older adults (who do not have diabetes, dementia or prior stroke) were broken …

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Music Therapy: Bringing Special Voices to Seniors

There is often much talk about creating an inclusive society for people with special needs. Last week, we met someone who is doing this with the Singapore Special Voices. Magdalene Wong is not creating an inclusive society by treating children with special needs as beneficiaries. Instead, she is empowering them to give back to the community, and hone their talents …

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Meet me & play HuaHee?

I am very happy to share with you that I’ve just launched two additional games! I spent the past year experimenting on game plays and am super happy to push out the fruits of my labour. I’m also thinking of having a session to share with you my inspiration.  And, you can test out the …

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Why should you take Turmeric?

I think many of us have heard that Turmeric has been said to improve memory and moods. But, does it really work? How do you take Turmeric?

Joy Julian, caregiver to her mother (right) has seen positive results after giving her mum Turmeric. I think many of us have heard that Turmeric has been said to improve memory and moods. But,  a few questions come to mind — does it really work? And, how do you take Turmeric? Curcumin which is a substance …

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11 Services for Seniors in Singapore

If you are caring for a senior, you may be wondering how to keep your loved ones occupied. You may be looking for activities, companionship, caregiving or exercise related services for your loved ones. I’ve compiled a list of options that you can consider. This is definitely not a comprehensive list. If you know of any services that …

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Early Intervention: Does Hua Hee help your grandma?

After experiencing the pain of dementia at home, Christel Goh creates games for people and communities to engage seniors.

When i share with others about my card games, many often ask, “So, your grandma is better now because of your card games?” To which, I would reply that my family does many different things, in the area of early intervention. In this blog post, I share about the various lifestyle interventions — food, activities, exercise and …