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How to detox to improve your health

If you think that detoxing the body is unnecessary because your liver does all the work, you’re wrong. Indeed, while the liver serves to naturally rid your body of harmful toxins, there’s only so much it can do. 

We consume harmful pollutants every day in the food we eat and the beverages we consume as they contain chemicals and additives and other processed ingredients that while improving their flavour, don’t do us any favours. 

Our livers may not be able to handle the influx of pollutants, hence causing harmful toxins to build up in the body over time. Toxins are binded in fat cells to protect the body, which is also why many people who decide to start on a weight loss programme may start to fall ill.

When fat is lost, the binds that hold the toxins back are lost, and the toxins are released. These toxins then attack the body, causing flus, aches, pains and infections. Many weight loss programs recommend a 3-day fast just to clear the system and start off on a ‘clean slate.’

If you’re in your senior years, you will benefit greatly from a good detox. The years of toxin buildup in your bodies will be undone and you’ll feel much better once your system is free of toxins.

Here are some reasons why you should detox your body.

1. Benefits of Detoxing 

There are many symptoms to look out for to know whether your body has too many toxins. Some of these include inflammation, constipation, lethargy, skin issues, food cravings, headaches, flatulence, and many others. .

After a detox, however, you’ll notice that these symptoms will disappear after a while. Your skin will even clear up, and you’ll feel much better. Mysterious aches and pains that had no explainable cause will disappear. You’ll begin to find it easier to get a good night’s sleep, and feel more energised the next morning.

The benefits are immense. That’s what makes a detox so important, especially in your senior years when your immune system is weaker, and you need all the help you can get.

2. Some ways to detox

There are many ways to detox. While you can buy herbal detox teas off the shelves in most health stores and supermarkets, there are better and cheaper ways to do it yourself. 

Aim to only drink freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices for 3 to 5 days. Lemon in particular is especially good for detoxing. It’s a good idea to avoid food and stick to juices for that time. Of course, you should consult your doctor first and see if it’s safe for you to go through a detox.

During this period, you won’t be consuming sugar, salt, meat, processed foods, and simple carbs. The nutrients in the vegetables and fruits will more than satisfy your body.

Of course, while you may feel the effects of hunger due to sticking to a liquid diet, these hunger pangs will pass eventually. When you’re done, you’ll feel rejuvenated and much lighter and healthier than before. 

However, you should always note that you should not rely solely on juices to detox. Drinking too much juice can cause the opposite by vitamins building up to toxic levels. Always take in moderation. 

3. What’s next?

While a good detox can really help you cleanse your body, that doesn’t mean you now have a can now binge on whatever you want to go back to the same unhealthy diet as before. That pretty much defeats the whole purpose of detoxing. Instead, you should keep your body clean and healthy by sticking to fruits, vegetables, lean meat and wholesome carbs. 

Use the detox to ‘spring clean’ your body every so often, and then keep it in good condition for as long as possible.

You should always remember to follow guidelines recommended by doctors. Some detox strategies may in fact be fraud, so always be smart when you choose. If you don’t know how to spot fake news, you can refer to a previous article.

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