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50 and above – Here are 24 discounts for you in Singapore

Once you’ve reached a certain age, you may begin to wonder when you’ll be eligible for senior discounts. You may not like being called “Aunty” or “Uncle” by someone who appears to look your age, but ageing does come with some perks as after all.

And, we are not talking about the coveted rights to the priority seat on public transport.

 We have compiled a list of all the discounts and perks that are available once you turn 50 – from supermarkets, restaurants to tourist attractions. 

Senior discounts become available for you once you turn 50, although most (i.e. better ones) are only available once you reach 60, so this is a reason to look forward to the next milestone in your golden years. 


Watsons and Guardian both offer up to 10% discounts once you turn 50. Notably, these are some of the only pharmacies that offer discounts at this age. 

Guardian offers a 5% discount on products, but only if you have its Guardian Golden Senior Card

Watsons is generally more generous, offering a 5% discount storewide, and 10% off when purchasing prescription medicines. 

Unity offers discounts once you turn 60, with 2% discount on Wednesdays. Once you turn 70 this is increased to 3% on Mondays as well. 

PharmacyMinimum Age DiscountWhen
Watsons505% storewide, 10% for prescription medicinesAnytime
Guardian5% with Guardian Golden Senior Card
Unity703%Mondays and Wednesdays



Supermarkets are largely similar when it comes to senior discounts. The maximum discount offered by the main supermarket chains in Singapore is 3%, although the date and items this amount applies depends on the supermarket. 

Sheng Siong and Cold Storage both offer 3% off on Wednesdays for seniors above the age of 60, although Sheng Siong only allows discounts for purchases of up to $200, while Cold Storage has no limit. 

NTUC Fairprice also has a $200 purchase limit, and also follows the same discounts as Unity (due to Unity being owned by NTUC). 

Giant has a 3% discount on Tuesdays for those 60 and above. 

Prime Supermarket also offers a 3% discount on Mondays and Fridays for seniors above 60.

SupermarketMinimum Age DiscountWhen
Sheng Siong603% for purchases of up to $200Wednesdays
Cold Storage3%
Prime Supermarket3%Mondays and Fridays
NTUC Fairprice2% for purchases of up to $200Wednesdays
NTUC Fairprice703% for purchases of up to $200Mondays and Wednesdays



Many restaurants offer a senior discount. However, this is not fixed as restaurants are generally independent, privately-owned businesses and hence do not have to stick to a more constant discount rate. 

For instance, the buffet restaurant [email protected], located at the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel, offers a $33 buffet lunch to seniors above the age of 60. The usual price is $42 for adults. Buffet City is another buffet restaurant that offers buffet lunches starting at $22.80 on weekdays for those 55 and above. 

Korean BBQ restaurant Seoul Garden offers 20% off for a buffet lunch from Mondays to Fridays for those above 60. 

Pizza Hut also has a 50% off lunch deal from 1:30 PM to 5 PM on weekdays for those 55 and above. 


Minimum Age DiscountWhen
[email protected]60$33 buffet lunch, $38 buffet dinner Daily
Buffet City 55$22.80++ buffet lunchMondays to Fridays
Seoul Garden6020% off buffet lunch
Pizza Hut 5550% off from 1.30 PM to 5 PM


Refer to this list for more information. 


Various tourist attractions also have senior discounts, so you won’t have to worry about paying too high a price for entrance if you ever feel like bringing your children or grandchildren there. 

One of the most popular attractions in Singapore, Jurong Bird Park offers an entrance ticket at $9.80 for seniors above the age of 60 if they have to PAssion Silver card. 

Night Safari also offers tickets for $14.70 to seniors of the same age who have the card, as does Singapore Zoo/River Safari for $11.20.

Wild Wild Wet water park offers tickets at $18 on weekdays and $24 on weekends for seniors 55 and above. However, those 70 and above are considered part of the Pioneer generation, and are granted free entry. 

SEA Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa offers tickets for as low as $20 on weekdays and $26 on weekends to those above 60. Universal Studios Singapore, also located in Sentosa, offers tickets priced at $41 for those also 60 and above. 

AttractionMinimum Age PriceWhen
Jurong Bird Park60$9.80 with PAssion Silver cardDaily
Night Safari$14.70 with PAssion Silver card
Singapore Zoo/River Safari$11.20 with PAssion Silver card
SEA Aquarium$20 (weekdays), $26 (weekends)
Universal Studios Singapore$41
Wild Wild Wet55$18 (weekdays), $24 (weekends)
Wild Wild Wet70 (Pioneer)Free


Refer to this list for more information. 



If you’re disappointed to find that most of the discounts above only apply to those 60 and above, don’t worry. All cinemas in Singapore offer discounts to seniors aged 55 and above. 

Shaw, WE Cinemas, Filmgarde, and Golden Village all offer tickets for $5 and under, from Mondays to Fridays before 6 PM. Cathay offers tickets for $4 on Wednesdays for all day, while it follows the same rates as the rest on all other days (except weekends). 

The Projector, a retro-styled and generally more premium cinema located in Golden Mile Tower, sells tickets at $11.50 any time and any day of the week. 

CinemaMinimum Age PriceWhen
Shaw55 and above$4Weekdays before 6 PM
WE Cinemas$4.50
Golden Village$5
Cathay$4 (Wednesday only), $5Wednesday any time, weekdays before 6 PM
The Projector$11.50Any time


MoneySmart Singapore has a very detailed chart that you can find here: 


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