After experiencing the pain of dementia at home, Christel Goh creates games for people and communities to engage seniors.



Ageing is tough.

Research shows that a lack of social interaction significantly affects seniors in their ability to carry out daily tasks.

Many organisations in Singapore are focused on developing facilities to meet the physical needs of seniors.

But, there seems to be a gap in psychological well-being — ensuring that seniors lead happier and engaged lives.

Nursing Homes and Senior Activity Centres rely heavily on volunteers and donations for social recreational activities for seniors.

Social recreation is crucial in distracting seniors and caregivers from the pain of ageing.

Help seniors break away from the pain of ageing, and break into smiles for a while.

Even if we lose the ability to do certain things, may we never lose the ability to laugh.

Help us spread HuaHee to seniors all around — by donating any of our localised favourite games to seniors.

When you make a donation, we will send either of the card games or activities to a nursing home or senior activity centre in Singapore.

Having experienced a lack of relevant tools to engage her grandma, Christel Goh started Play HuaHee to bring localised games and activities to seniors in Singapore.


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