Here are some commonly asked questions about our card games.

Do get in touch with us if you have further questions.

1.How many people can you play the games with?

The card games like Matchoonary and Snap can be enjoyed among 2-4 players.

Other games like Puzzle and Colozzle can be split among more people.

If you’re entertaining bigger groups of seniors, you can simply buy more sets to share the fun.

2. Are the card games waterproof?

The Huahee Matchoonary, Huahee Snap and Huahee Puzzle uses a matte laminate 250gsm paper so it is okay if it touches water slightly.

But, its best not to get them wet.

HuaHee Colozzle uses woodgrade paper so that it can be coloured. Best not to get it wet at all.

3. How can the games be played?

We currently have games in memory matching, snap, charades, puzzle, colouring, pictionary, bingo, storytelling and more.

It depends on what your senior likes and their cognitive abilities. Huahee Matchoonary is our most popular game as it contains all our local designs.

If you’re looking for more ways to play our game, check this out.

4. Is there a discount if we buy in bulk?

You will get free shipping if you purchase more than $100 worth of games.

Do get in touch with us if you’re planning to buy more than 20 card games.

Drop us an email at Christel@playhuahee.com.

5. Will these games be suitable for my senior?

It depends on their cognitive abilities.

For seniors with severe dementia, they may not be able to engage in game play.

But, we do see them recognising some of the localised items such as Satay and Gasing on our cards.

6. Can your card games help our seniors cognitively?

Our card games are meant to be a tool to help professional and family caregivers better connect with seniors.

They are meant to be conversation starters and to take the stress away from aging.

While we do not have conclusive evidence to prove the effectiveness of our card games, it is commonly known that seniors who are more socially engaged, are more likely to have better health.