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Giving up halfway

Giving up halfway

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

When I started play huahee, there was lots of possibilities of what it could be.

I spent many nights being excited, dreaming of what I could build.

It was tremendously easy to be excited because there was nothing, and I was basically building sandcastles in the air.

It’s been a year since the Play huahee campaign went live on Indiegogo.

And, now it’s much harder. The hype of the launch has died down.

Sometimes, I feel like I haven’t moved the needle much. You take one step forward and maybe a million steps back.

I ask myself what I’m doing everyday and I question where I’m going a lot.

My husband told me that what I’m doing is like laying bricks and it takes a really long time to build a house.

If you can’t deal with the emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs (many more downs than ups) that come with it, maybe you’re not cut out for this.

But, I remember that even before Play Huahee was conceived, I promised myself that wherever this project went or turned out, I would not give up. It may take a totally different shape or form in the future.

In a recent chick flick that I watched, the female lead wanted to be a writer and she really struggled with her first draft. She couldn’t get past her head that she felt like it was a shitty article.

She only submitted the article after she accepted that maybe it’s okay for her first piece of work to be as shitty as shitty could be.

And, She would keep writing and writing till she gets better.

So, I probably need to get out of my head and accept that Play Huahee is nothing/nowhere right now.

And, I can then deal with whatever disappointment that may come.

When doing a long distance run, it is extremely difficult when you fixate on how you’re nowhere near the finish line.

But, the run becomes more manageable when you just run knowing that you’ve committed yourself to it.

If you read this, thanks for being a part of my journey.

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