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Just make them laugh

Aging is tough. We need to find ways to bring joy back to our seniors.

Aging is tough. We need to find ways to bring joy back to our seniors.

Last week, my grandma had quite a bit of difficulty getting out of the room. She fell the day before. Although she had no injuries, it made her weaker.

It was an intense and stressful situation getting to the dinner table. My family crowded around her. We had our hands all around her to support her as she painfully took each step to the dining table.

She had furrowed brows and perspiration dripping down her face as she inched forward. There was alot of yelling as we tried to help her navigate. (My grandma has difficulty hearing) It was uncomfortable for all of us.

For her, in that moment, she was frustrated that she lost the ability that we all take for granted daily. The ability to move around freely.

For us, her family, watching her struggle was stressful. One filled with emotional loss. Not knowing what to do and also fear of what more this grim journey of aging would bring.

After dinner, she wanted to go back to her room and call it a day. But, I told her to stay to play bingo with us. She was reluctant but I persuaded her to.

As we played the game, she laughed when she could find items on the bingo sheet. That was the first time she laughed in two hours of being in pain and struggling with her mobility. Aging is tough for seniors and the family members.

If you can find a chance, break away from the tense situation and laugh. Find something to laugh about. Maybe it’s a game, a story from a past or a joke.

Aging is what it is.

And, we must find a way to laugh, cheer and encourage even when there’s nothing to laugh about.

We may lose our abilities physically. But, may we never lose our ability to connect emotionally and just laugh.

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