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Learning from my grandma’s fall

My grandma had a fall yesterday. Thankfully, she didnt get any injuries. It happened before.

The previous time, it happened in the middle of the night.. and it was very traumatic as she couldnt get up and we really struggled to help her.

This time, she managed to get up all on her own! We were so happy when she got up.

When i found her on the floor, she was abit exasperated because she struggled to get up. I sat down with her, made sure she wasnt in pain. I turned on the fan, told her to relax.

We then watched this video and learned how to get up from the floor. She used a sturdy chair to support her & got up!

During the process, I learnt the importance of keeping calm.

We tend to get all anxious when something happens. The ones we care for can easily read our emotions and immediately feed on it.

Getting too anxious will tire them out easily which may affect their ability to get up.

I understand that in this situation, we are incredibly blessed because she did not have any injuries.

Thank God that she’s totally fine now 


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