Our Cause

Hello! I am Christel and I started Hua Hee.

Hua Hee means “Happy” in the Chinese dialect, Hokkien. I drew more than 20 popular local food and heritage items in Singapore and compiled them into a card game deck. The inspiration came from trying to find activities to engage my grandmother at home. My grandfather suffered from dementia, and we didn’t want the same to happen to my grandmother.

One in 10 people aged 60 and above in Singapore have dementia. I felt that there were many families like mine, who don’t know what to do when dementia creeps into their home.

Hua Hee is a game for the young and the “young at heart”. Beyond the Hua Hee Match and Snap card games, we are also trying to explore many other different activities to bring families together and fight dementia.

Through Play Hua Hee, I hope to help people fight dementia at home and bring generations together.

Founder of Hua Hee