Our Cause

Christel Goh started Play Huahee three years ago when she noticed a lack of relevant localised materials to engage seniors in Singapore. Christel’s grandma has been a big part of her life as she took care of her ever since she was young.
This largely inspired Christel’s journey into the ageing sector.
Play Huahee has since evolved into a content site aimed at connecting people aged 45 and above with resources to lead their best lives. We want to redefine ageing and help people #agelikeaboss.
We share content on retirement, ageing, caregiving and product reviews.
The site is currently managed by Christel Goh and her husband, Kelvin Teo with the support of content writers and a technical support team.
The husband and wife team spend alot of time thinking of how to create better content for the audience and figure out how to sustain the social enterpise.
Running a social enterprise is challenging as the team constantly struggles to find ways to financially sustain the business while offering value to our community.
Over the years, the team has built a strong community of family and professional caregivers that make up an approximately 6,000 sized audience.
We are looking out for brands and organisations who want to partner us to offer products and services to this audience to help them #agelikeaboss.
If you would like to join us in this mission, reach us at Christel@playhuahee.com and Kelvin@playhuahee.com.
We continue to offer localised games for seniors and you can get our games here.