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Should you get a part-time job after retirement? With singer and actor Danny Yeo

So, you’ve retired and have everything sorted out. You’ve set all the money you need aside for retirement, you’ve completed everything on your bucket list and travelled the world, and you’ve downgraded to a small home that’s just right for you. You may even be using the Silver Housing Bonus

You’ve got nothing to do now but kick back and relax, enjoying your silver years in peace. 

However, with nothing to do but kick back and relax, but may start to get bored. You may have some hobbies like reading or cooking, but even that can grow old after a while. 

You may want to look for a part-time job after retirement. 

Actor and singer Danny Yeo tells us how you can get your dream job even after you retire. 

Danny is 70 years young, retired, and enjoying every bit of it. He considers himself to be ‘very young at heart, fun loving, and humorous. He retired from his marketing career in 2015, having been a Branding & Promotions VP in a media company.

The father of three mostly spent his time at home doing his hobbies such as gardening, cycling, playing tennis, and occasionally playing mahjong, along with playing the guitar and singing.

In order to keep himself occupied, Danny also took to acting. 

“I do part-time acting to keep myself active and useful, but more importantly, to keep dementia at bay,” said Danny. “I don’t consider my acting as a career.”

His first successful casting was a commercial shoot for the Pioneer Generation Campaign, along with his son. The pair ended up as the face of the campaign, on 3-metre-tall print advertisements around MRT stations. They had signed up for it after his youngest son saw an advertisement for the campaign. 

“Hunt for a job you want,” said Danny. “The job will not come to you.”

Prior to his retirement, Danny worked an astonishing 43 years without a single day of medical leave, working himself up the corporate ladder from a general clerk in 1972.

For retirees, you can also get a part-time job.

“It depends on your qualifications, experience and health,” said Danny. “I don’t think you should find a full-time job. If you must work to keep yourself occupied or to supplement income, work part time. Instead, enjoy retirement and do the things you enjoy doing. I do lots of gardening and jam in a band with fellow retirees.”

He says that young adults should look for their dream jobs, and not seniors. It’s too late for seniors to look for dream jobs. These days, they are lucky if they can get a job, let alone a dream job!”

“Learn to take things lightly. Always tell yourself that whatever people are doing, they have their reasons,” said Danny. “Be happy. A happy person is a healthy person. Find time to enjoy life and do what you love to do. Life is short. Time flies! So, no need to be angry! Smile. Laugh.”

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