DIY Christmas Wreath

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Spread some joy during this special season by creating a DIY Christmas wreath with your loved ones!

This DIY Christmas wreath set invites you to guide seniors in crafting a fun and simple decor for the home.


1. Cut out the inner circle of the plate. Poke a hole at any point of inner circle to start cutting.

2. Paint the outer circle green & leave to dry.

3. Crunch the crepe paper up into loose balls.

4. Once plate is dry, paste crepe paper balls onto painted side of plate.

5. Tie a bow with the red ribbon and paste it on. Paste the red balls on too.

6. Create a hook with the red ribbon and paste it on the back of plate. You can paste this on another plate for a stronger piece.

Each set includes the following:

  • 2x paper plates
  • 1x paint brush
  • 1x container of green paint
  • green crepe paper
  • 2x red ribbons
  • 4-6 red balls
  • DIY instruction sheet

You can create one Christmas wreath with each set.

You would also need scissors, glue and scotch tape for this craft activity. These are not included in the set.

Enjoy $10 OFF if you purchase 10 or more sets. To activate this discount, simply key in “10Christmas” in the coupon code.

You can also choose to order the sets and send it to nursing homes of your choice, or we can donate it on your behalf.

Simply indicate the address of the nursing home in the shipping address or indicate in the order notes for us to send it to a nursing home on your behalf.

Kindly place your orders by 7 Dec 2018 so that you will receive these sets in time for the festive season!


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