Seifu Therapy Trial Session

SGD $ 92.00



Seifu is a health, beauty and relaxation technique from Japan which is soothing and pain-free. Just Seifu is the only company in Singapore to offer Seifu therapy.

Trial session

In a single session, we identify your pain points and take either a general or targeted approach to the Seifu session. You receive 30-minutes of one-on-one Seifu treatment. It’s a light, gentle sensation that will have you feeling calmer and relaxed. It’s detoxifying and starts the self-healing process.

  • The therapist will travel to your home for the treatment
  • The duration of the treatment starts upon her arrival (with a 10-min buffer time for you to get ready)
  • Additional charges may incur if you require a treatment session that is longer than 60 minutes

When you purchase the single session on this site, it will enable you to download a session voucher which includes details on how you can book a treatment with Just Seifu.

About Seifu

Dr. Jian Xu from Japan founded the technique when he discovered that “lifting” the skin along certain meridian points create space underneath the skin which promotes blood circulation, fluidity, oxygenation.

It rejuvenates the body on a cellular level and boosts the immune system. What’s more, he discovered that different lifting techniques on different parts of the body can have transformational and targeted health effects.

Seifu therapy not only works as natural pain relief, but works with the body to relieve tension and disease. It’s even used as a form of weight loss and anti-aging.

Seifu, if you are unfamiliar with it, looks like massage, although in reality, it is the opposite. Rather than rubbing or kneading, we lift the skin and work with meridian points and fascia to propel the body into powerful self-healing.

Who will benefit from Seifu Therapy?

Seifu Therapy is a great relaxation therapy for people in pallative care. It helps to relieve pain for seniors with chronic conditions, diabetes, stroke and cancer.

About the Therapist

Hi I am Tricia Tee and I have helped cancer patients, bone fracture patients, stroke patients, diabetic patients, and insomnia patients – anyone whom is suffering from pain or illness to find RELIEF so they can feel happy and light again.

Let me help you.

I’m practising a Japanese healing technique called Seifu Therapy. I believe it’s one of the world’s best kept secrets for providing natural pain relief.