[PDF] Step by Step Drawing

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The Step by Step Drawing is a 11 page downloadable PDF comprising 5 exercises in which you can learn or help your loved ones learn to sketch various items. It comes with a pictorial guide that shows you the different steps.

“This activity was inspired through my interactions with my grandma. At home, we are constantly trying to find ways to engage her. One day, I saw a Step by Step Drawing activity in her colouring book. I then guided her through the steps.

I feel that it’s a great way to help our seniors work different parts of their brain and also exercise their grips on pens/pencils” – Christel Goh, Founder, Play HuaHee

The activity comprises 5 step by step drawing exercises, guiding you and your loved ones to draw the orange, seashell, leaf, flower and mushroom. These are everyday items that we come into contact with. Hopefully, it would be able to trigger positive memories.

This is a great activity for seniors who love to draw. For seniors who can’t draw or has issues gripping a pen, you can engage them by getting them to spot the difference between the pictures.

Each picture is a progressive development from the previous, thus, there would be varied differences between the pictures.



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