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Seifu Therapy: Pain-Relief And Other Frequently-Asked Questions

Seifu Therapy

If you are looking for natural pain-relief treatments that don’t require expensive medication or equipment, here is one therapy you can check out.

Hailing from Japan, Seifu is a natural healing therapy for a variety of ailments. The process involves no medical complexities — it operates with the belief that by using our hands, we can stimulate our body’s natural healing process.

By “lifting” the skin along certain meridian points, blood circulation will improve. On top of that, it also promotes fluidity and oxygenation. This, in turn, rejuvenates the body and boosts our immune system. Seifu is used to relieve headaches, body-aches and, in some cases, stimulate healing in cancer patients.

In Singapore, Just Seifu is the only provider of such a unique service and because of its senior-friendly techniques, we’ve decided to ask founder Tricia Tee some questions to better understand how Seifu can benefit every senior today.

1) What are the common types of pain seniors face?

Some common pain seniors face are knee pain, hip pain and pain caused by urine acid. However, pain isn’t just the common issue. Others include numbness, water retention and insomnia.

2) How does Seifu play a role in the anti-aging process?

I would coin it as active aging rather than anti-aging.

What Seifu provides is the mobility of cells, which slows down when we age, and movement of fluid to improve our body’s hydration. More importantly, it boosts the immune system — a key factor of healthy aging.

3) Why Seifu? And how can this therapy help you?

Seifu therapy is gentle and non-evasive. The approach begins with a gentle touch.

By “lifting” our biggest organ, the skin, there is an increased flow of energy — activating the meridian functions, acupressure points and lymphatic drainage. In short, Seifu promotes whole body detoxification thereby increasing our overall well-being.

4) What are some simple Seifu therapy techniques people can do for themselves?

Almost all techniques can be done on places where the hand can reach. One technique I recommend is self-Seifu on the stomach. This can improve your gut health.

Other simple techniques include Seifu for headaches and eye strains:

To reap the full benefits of Seifu, click here to sign up for a full body trial session today!

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