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New Launch: Drawing and Colouring PDF

This 9 page PDF comprises seven colouring sheets of the Kueh Lapis, Gasing, Cha Kiak, Ketupat, Png Kueh, Durian and Ba Zhang. Colouring is a great activity for mental and emotional health. It is even more meaningful when you get to colour items that you recognise

I’ve just launched two activities which are in PDF format. This is the first time that I’ve put out something in PDF. And, I’m happy to hear from you on this. Beyond Card Games I hope to continue creating activities for seniors. But, I guess it may take a different shape and form beyond a …

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Early Intervention: Does Hua Hee help your grandma?

After experiencing the pain of dementia at home, Christel Goh creates games for people and communities to engage seniors.

When i share with others about my card games, many often ask, “So, your grandma is better now because of your card games?” To which, I would reply that my family does many different things, in the area of early intervention. In this blog post, I share about the various lifestyle interventions — food, activities, exercise and …

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Seven resources for people caring for seniors

Seven resources for people caring for seniors

Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash If you are caring for a senior or a loved one, you probably have many unanswered questions. Questions that come to you in the middle of the night. You wonder if anyone goes through the same challenges as you. If other caregivers also encounter the problem of having the smell of pee …

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Good for the Brain: 17 insights from Preventing Dementia Mooc

What is good for the brain? 17 quick lessons from the Preventing Dementia Mooc. Aerobics, strength training and even alcohol!

Photo by Lukas Budimaier on Unsplash I blogged last week on the 9 Things I learnt from the Preventing Dementia Mooc where I took on the first module. Today’s post is on the second module which essentially covers what’s good for the brain. The second module goes abit more indepth into the various prevention measures such as exercise, health foods, …

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Game Ideas: Drawing with my grandma

Sketching with my grandma. We try to engage her with this step by step sketch activity. This is her artwork.

In today’s blog post, I share about a recent activity at home — Drawing with my grandma. I guided my grandma through a Step by Step Drawing activity. What I’ve learnt is to be less focused on the outcome but more about the process of the activity. In a more cliche phrase, happiness is the …