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Things seniors do during Covid-19

Things seniors do during Covid-19

The circuit breaker period is one where the government introduced stricter social distancing, where people are not allowed to go out for gatherings. We can only leave our homes for essential services like groceries or buying meals. Some of the things that seniors have been doing may seem funny or extremely wrong during this circuit …

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ElderShield 101: What it is and why you need it

1. What exactly is ElderShield? ElderShield is, in a nutshell, a severe disability scheme by the Singapore government that provides basic financial protection for those who require long-term care.  Under the ElderShield400 scheme introduced in 2007, Singaporeans and Permanent Residents will receive a monthly cash payout of $400 for a maximum of 72 months, or …

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Qn: Should I send my parent to a nursing home? How do I deal with the guilt?

Should I send my parent to a nursing home?

Anyone here made the difficult decision to place your beloved parent into a home instead of caring full time for him/her? How do you deal with the guilt? Is it better for them in the long run too? My mother tends to be verbally aggressive. She is resistant to help at all times. We have …

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The horrifying effect of sugar on dementia

Sugar speeds up dementia. My grandma's experience with sugar and the effect on her memory and moods.

My family had the most shocking discovery about sugar recently. During the Christmas holiday, I brought my grandma down for a walk and to reward her for exercising.. i gave her some Garrett popcorn that I got for Christmas. We don’t really have much sweets at home so this was a treat for her. I …