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8 Easy Hiking Trails for Seniors in Singapore

In our last post, we talked about some steps seniors can take when going on a hike. Before that, we also gave a list of some affordable lightweight backpacks you can use when going on a hike. In the guide we also listed some trails you can take.  There are many hiking trails in Singapore, …

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5 Best Affordable Hiking Backpack For Seniors

If you’re going on a long hike, say a couple of kilometres or for a few hours, a backpack is a good idea to carry all the things you need for the journey, such as a water bottle, umbrella in case of rain, and bug spray.  The backpacks being lightweight are especially important, as seniors …

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How often you should exercise: A guide for seniors

You may have heard or come across the notion that it’s not optimal to exercise when you are old as it may do more harm than good — this is not entirely true. In fact, just about everyone benefits from exercise, if you’re not on the severely disabled side, of course. It doesn’t matter how …