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Suffering From Arthritis? These 9 Products Can Better Aid Your Everyday Life

Many seniors in Singapore are affected by arthritis. It is a disease that affects the joints, causing pains and stiffness and making it near-impossible to perform everyday tasks without feeling pain.  These limitations can prove to be incredibly frustrating to seniors over the age of 65, although it can also affect younger adults, teenagers, and …

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What happens if you get cancer? A QnA Session

What happens if you or a loved one gets cancer, how do you deal with it? Cancer is a problem that many people suffer from. Many don’t know how to react or properly deal with it if they get diagnosed.  Speakers Eugene Seah and Kelly Choo answer these questions. Eugene is a financial accountant and …

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Home care options for the elderly

In our last post, we covered what you should do to decide whether you should choose the nursing home option for your elderly parents. Not everyone has enough time to care for their elderly parents at home. It is often hard to juggle a stressful working life and parent support.  So what should you do …

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Dental Implants: Should you get them?

1. What are dental implants? Simply put, dental implants act to replace the root of a tooth that is either missing or has been removed. They take the form of small screws made of titanium that are inserted directly into the jaw. A replacement tooth consisting of a crown is then fitted over it.  While …