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Should you get a part-time job after retirement? With singer and actor Danny Yeo

So, you’ve retired and have everything sorted out. You’ve set all the money you need aside for retirement, you’ve completed everything on your bucket list and travelled the world, and you’ve downgraded to a small home that’s just right for you. You may even be using the Silver Housing Bonus.  You’ve got nothing to do …

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Retirement in Singapore: Are you ready for the next phase?

What is Retirement? Retirement refers to withdrawal from work, whether full or part-time. In 2019, Singaporeans worked 44.8 hours per week on average.  Today, 40% of those aged 60 – 64 and 55% of those aged 65 – 69 are retired, making a total of 223,244 people who are in retirement (that’s more than 18 …

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7 ridiculously amazing places to visit when you retire

We’ve spent a fair bit of time talking about why you should retire, and how much money you should set aside for when that day comes.  But once you’ve retired, then what? Well, that means you’ve got nothing holding you back, and if you’ve got enough money in the bank from your career, that leaves …