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What does Dementia look like?

Most people dont know what dementia is like.

Some call people who are diagnosed with dementia “senile”.

My grandma used to say “aiya. my brain not so good anymore” and we would tell her not to say such things.

But, we can’t deny that there are changes in her.

Some days are better. Some days are worse.

We created this comic so you can maybe see things from their perspective.

They may notice certain changes in themselves. They don’t know why it’s happening and they don’t really know what to do about it.

This is what dementia looks like in images. It’s impossible for us to illustrate the behaviour of every person with dementia as we all know that the condition is extremely wide-ranging.

But, we try our best here.

If you meet someone who is behaving a little oddly in public, do note that you never know what they are going through.

Credit to Angelina for creating this cute piece for us.

If you have other areas that you want us to share about, do let us know.

What does dementia look like?

I am sorry that…

What does dementia look like?

You need to repeat things to me multiple times..

Does you loved one ask you the same question over and over again?

What does dementia look like?

I get angry over small things…

How do you deal with anger/vulgarities at home?

What does dementia look like?

I get paranoid over people stealing my things when I misplace them…

What does dementia look like?

I call you over and over again..

Does your loved one call you many times to ask you the same thing?

What does dementia look like?

I wander around the neighbourhood and get lost… causing you to worry

What does dementia look like?

I’m not the same anymore and I dont know why…

We often see the outward behaviour which can get extremely difficult to live with and manage.

But, If we see things from their perspective, we may be better able to deal with the situation and take things one day at a time, as they come.

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