[PDF] Hua Hee Bingo

SGD $ 5.00



We know that all seniors love bingo! If you can’t beat them, why not join them?

We add a local twist to the game by using illustrations of local favourites such as the Kueh Tutu, Tingkat and Clogs.

This can be a great game among many seniors or something that you play at the dinner table at home with your senior loved ones.

How to Play

  • Distribute one bingo sheet to each player. Cut out all 25 items from the call-out sheet. Crush each item into small balls and put them in a bag.
  • As you go around the table, have one person pick from the bag to reveal a bingo item. All players can cross out the item that has been picked, on their bingo sheet (if it is on their sheet).
  • After the first item has been crossed out, the next player will then pick from the bag and call out the item. Remove the item from the bag once it has been called out.
  •  The game continues until one of the players manages to cross out a straight line of items. (Horizontally, vertically or diagonally) That player wins the game.

Play Huahee Bingo comes with 8 bingo sheets and an instruction sheet with a table of all the Bingo items.

If you play among 8 people, you would be able to have one winner.

If you play the game among more people, you can simply print more copies of the Bingo sheets and you will have multiple winners.



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