Hua Hee Family Pack

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Hua Hee Family pack comprises all our signature games for seniors – from memory matching, story telling, charades, puzzles to colouring!

The pack comprises:

  • 1 x Hua Hee Matchoonary
  • 1 x Hua Hee Snap
  • 1x Hua Hee Puzzle
  • 1x Hua Hee Colozzle

Hua Hee Matchoonary

Play classic memory matching, charades and storytelling games with a local twist. 26 beautifully sketched local designs such as the Kueh Tutu, Clogs and Tingkat in four different game plays.

Hua Hee Matchoonary started out as a simple memory matching game, and has evolved to include more ways of playing, so as to keep seniors of different cognitive abilities engaged.




52 cards, 26 designs of :

Tingkat, Clogs, Straw Fan, Gasing, Kueh Lapis, Otak-Otak, Ba Zhang, Ang Ku Kueh, Pineapple Tart, Durian, Curry Puff, Ketupat, Kueh Tutu, Ice Kacang, Satay, Kueh Pie Tee, Ondeh Ondeh, Calendar, Axe Brand Oil, Five Stones, Kueh Dadar, Png Kueh, Teh, Kettle, Trishaw and Singapore Airlines girl.

There is a duplicate of each design. The duplicates are divided into Set 1 and 2 as indicated on the bottom of the cards. The card game is great for 2-4 players and can be played in four ways. Time yourselves at each round for a challenge!

Hua Hee Snap

Play “Snap” with the Hua Hee Snap card game by Hua Hee! Hua Hee Snap is test of coordination skills, players who identify matching cards and shout “Snap!” first, wins the game. All game packs come with a set of instructions.


52 cards, 4 designs of :

Ang Ku Kueh, Kueh Tutu, Kueh Lapis, Pineapple Tart


1. Shuffle the cards and distribute an even number of cards to each player. Cards are to be faced down.
2. Players then flip open their cards and place them in the middle, in sequence.
3. The first person to shout “Snap!” when there is a matching pair of cards wins the pool of cards.
4. The game continues until players run out of cards. The player with the most cards win the round.

The card game is great for 2-4 players

Hua Hee Puzzle

Hua Hee Puzzle comes in 10 designs of local food and heritage items. Aimed at invoking positive responses among seniors, it comes with brightly coloured designs.

Hua Hee Puzzle comprises designs of Clogs, Ba Zhang, Otak Otak, Kueh Tutu, Satay, Tingkat, Trishaw, Curry Puff, Gasing, Teh. Each puzzle design is categorised by its frame colours.

Rules of Play

  1. Choose puzzle set to start with. Each puzzle is differentiated by its frame colour.
  2. Mix up the pieces nd encourage your loved ones to form puzzles with them.

Help your loved ones train their brain & bring them on a walk down memory lane.

The designs can also be found in Hua Hee Matchoonary and Uniquely Singapore Colouring.

Hua Hee Colozzle

Hua Hee Colozzle is a colouring and puzzle game. It comes with 15 designs of everyday items, aimed at invoking positive memories in seniors.  The designs includes flowers, seashells, leaves, snails, carrots, lemons, mushrooms, butterflies, corn, rabbits, onions, avocados, cheries and frogs.

This game was inspired by Play Huahee Founder, Christel Goh’s interactions with her grandmother. Her grandmother really enjoys colouring.

Christel introduced colouring as an activity to her grandma a few years ago. Ever since then, she has not stopped colouring. Colouring is a great therapy for seniors and helps them to exercise hand eye coordination.

Christel’s grandma had gone through many different colouring books. Christel then wondered if there were other ways to transform the excisting coloured sheets into a game.

This is how HuaHee Colozzle came about.

Rules of Play

  1. Colour the items on each colouring sheet
  2. Tear along the dotted lines
  3. Mix up the pieces and form puzzles with them



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