Hua Hee Matchoonary

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Play classic memory matching, charades and storytelling games with a local twist. 26 beautifully sketched local designs such as the Kueh Tutu, Clogs and Tingkat in four different game plays.

Hua Hee Matchoonary started out as a simple memory matching game, and has evolved to include more ways of playing, so as to keep seniors of different cognitive abilities engaged.




52 cards, 26 designs of :

Tingkat, Clogs, Straw Fan, Gasing, Kueh Lapis, Otak-Otak, Ba Zhang, Ang Ku Kueh, Pineapple Tart, Durian, Curry Puff, Ketupat, Kueh Tutu, Ice Kacang, Satay, Kueh Pie Tee, Ondeh Ondeh, Calendar, Axe Brand Oil, Five Stones, Kueh Dadar, Png Kueh, Teh, Kettle, Trishaw and Singapore Airlines girl.

There is a duplicate of each design. The duplicates are divided into Set 1 and 2 as indicated on the bottom of the cards. The card game is great for 2-4 players and can be played in four ways. Time yourselves at each round for a challenge!



Match Pls

1. Identify matching cards and lay them out in a sequence that is suitable for your players.
2. Ask players to memorise the positions of the matching cards.
3. Flip the cards over when they are ready.
4. Ask players to identify the matching cards and flip open the cards identified to determine that they have the correct pair.
5. The game continues until all the matching pairs are uncovered.

Guess Leh

1. Grab either Set 1 or Set 2 & divide players into two or more teams.
2. The first player picks a card without looking at it and hold it up against their forehead.
3. The other players in the team are to help the player guess the item without naming it.
4. If the player manages to guess the item, the team gets to keep the card.
5. This then continues onto the next team. The game ends when all the cards are used. The team with most cards win.

Draw Lah

1. Grab Set 1 or 2 & divide players into two or more teams.
2. The first player picks a card and draws the item in a given duration of time.
3. Players get other players in their team to guess the item based on their drawing.
4. This continues until all the cards are used.
5. The team that guesses the most items wins the game.

Talk Lor

1. Grab Set 1 or Set 2 & divide players into two or more teams.
2. Each player picks three cards and tells a story with them.
3. The players decide who told the best story.
4.The player with the best story gets to pick one card from other players.
5. The game continues as all players draw a new card and enter the next round.
6. The game ends when all cards are used. The player with the most cards wins.


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